150 Ton Lima 2400C4L Tier III

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150 Ton Lima 2400C4L Tier III


A custom boom tip was constructed for this LIMA to accommodate the multiple intended uses. With the addition of the two hydraulic winches combined with the boom tip, we have a true 4line machine that can drive pile, dredge and still maintain our lift capability. The 70GPM dual pump hydraulic system has auxiliary ports to accommodate additional hydraulically powered equipment. Both Barge and crane are outfitted with full LED lighting for safe 24hr operation. Lights are positioned on the barge for deck and perimeter illumination and the crane has lights around the entire house as well as multiple gimbal mounted boom lights.


150 Ton Lima Specs


  • Distance from Deck to Boom Heel: 10’10”
  • Boom Length to Main Drum: 140″
  • Boom Main Drum to Aux. Drum: 8′

Draw Works Main Drums:

  • Front Drum: 59,520lbs. SLP
  • Rear Drum: 61,380lbs. SLP

Hydraulic Winches:

  • Lower Hyd Winch HM25: 25,000lbs. SLP
  • Upper Hyd Winch HM25: 25,000lbs. SLP


  • Engine: Caterpillar C18 ACERT Tier III 800HP
  • Torque Converter: Clark Torcon 226AH
  • Genset: Perkins 65KW Tier III
  • Hydraulic Pumps: Two(2) 35GPM


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