Aqueos / Curtin Maritime Deep Water Mooring – Platform Heritage



The Scope

For this job, Curtin Maritime was approached by Aqueos to assist in supporting their customer, Exxon Mobile in getting a deep water mooring system in place. Curtin Maritime worked side by side with the crews from Aqueos and Fugro Survey to deploy and retrieve the anchor system in twelve hundred feet of water at Platform Heritage. The temp mooring was needed to support dive platform operations for some repairs being done to platform Heritage. Setting an anchor system of this size in 1200’ of water is no easy task, but the custom Rapp Hydema winch onboard the Sarah C was specifically designed to handle huge loads and preform this type of work.

The project went off without a hitch and was successfully completed to our customer’s satisfaction. It was also a prime example of the efficiency of Curtin Maritime: we were given short notice to mobilize our assets and perform the task, and were able to do so and do it well, because of the excellent quality of our crew and our equipment

Key Areas / Services

  • +Deep Water Anchor Retrieval
  • +Deep Water Mooring
  • +Platform Heritage
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