Beta Deep Water Mooring Overhaul

Beta Offshore


The Scope

In September of 2013, Curtin Maritime mobilized to service the deep water moorings at platforms Ellen and Eureka. Both oil platforms, operated by Beta Offshore, were due for replacement of under buoy gear and the buoys were also replaced…

Due to the over 700’ depth of water and heavy gear at the Eureka location, the use of a Skagit RB-97 winch was necessary to have the pulling power and drum space to haul it up. Our professional crew was able to haul, replace gear and redeploy both mooring systems in one day, reducing both crew exposure to safety risks and minimizing down time for the customer. Offshore mooring servicing is a specialty of Curtin Maritime, and one that we complete safely and efficiently.

Key Areas / Services

  • +700' Depth of water
  • +Buoys
  • +Deep water moorings
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