Dutra Groups Derrick barge No. 24

Dutra Groups


The Scope

This job is a great example of the flexibility of Curtin Maritime. While our tug the Sarah C was underway heading north with a barge for another customer, the Dutra Group contacted Curtin Maritime to perform a mobilization of Derrick Barge No.24 from Alameda, California, back to the Port of Los Angeles, California.

While still underway, Curtin Maritime was able to come to terms, execute a contract, and issue insurance certifications for the Dutra Group in order to complete the job. Curtin Maritime arrived in Alameda to mobilize Derrick Barge No. 24 after finishing the northbound tow for our other customer, and brought Derrick Barge No.24 back for the southbound journey. Because the job was an existing voyage, Curtin Maritime had the flexibility to provide a very economical lump sum rate to Dutra.

Key Areas / Services

  • +Barge mobilization
  • +Economical lump sum rate
  • +Issue of insurance certifications
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