Phoenix Target Deployment and Recovery

Phoenix International


The Scope

Phoenix International, a government contractor who operates the Submarine Rescue Program for the Navy, originally contacted Curtin Maritime in 2011 to execute the subsea recovery of the rescue submarine training target. The target, called the False Seat, is a metal frame work with two landing pads weighing 40,000 lbs. and is typically deployed in about 500′ of water off the coast of Catalina Island for annual training exercises. Phoenix was looking for a safer and more cost effective way to do the recovery, and after examining the target and conditions, Curtin Maritime fabricated a custom retrieval device that eliminated the need for ROV or diving work. Curtin Maritime has had a succesfel retrieval on both his made for a much safer and faster recovery process while providing a significant cost savings to Phoenix and the Navy.

Key Areas / Services

  • +Live Barge Crane Work
  • +Naval Contract
  • +Subsea Recovery
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