Ocean Towing & Yacht Towing – Port of San Diego California

Port of San Diego


The Scope

Curtin Maritime prides ourselves on being a diverse company with the ability to perform any task our customers ask us to do. As an example, our maritime services extend beyond tug and barge operations to include yacht towing. We provide Ocean towing for vessels of any size, large or small. One of our recent projects was the ocean towing of the Halcyon, a 120-foot yacht hailing from Port Angles, Washington. Curtin Maritime was responsible for towing the Halcyon from its home port in Washington State to the Port of San Diego, California.

Using our signature innovative strategies to provide a turnkey solution to a customer with no previous experience in ocean towing for an affordable price.  Our  lump sum towing included providing rigging, emergency pumps, high bilge alarms, and the necessary U.S. Coast Guard permits for the trip, so there were no hidden costs for our customer. This is just one example of an instance where Curtin Maritime’s attention to detail and customer service makes life easy for our customers and enables the job to be completed without any negative experiences for anyone involved.

Key Areas / Services

  • +Turn key yacht towing solution
  • +U.S. Coast Guard permits for the trip
  • +We provide all rigging - emergency pumps - high bilge alarms
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