US Navy Support Services in Central America

Pacific Tugboat Services - U.S. Navy


The Scope

When Pacific Tugboat Services secured a contract for a large scale job with the U.S. Navy in Central America, Curtin Maritime approached PTS to offer our support.

Upon submission of our proposal, PTS decided to contract Curtin Maritime to provide the tugboat portion of the job. Curtin Maritime deployed our tugboat, Sarah C, and a full crew to Central American to work with PTS personnel and vessels.

Together, PTS and Curtin Maritime were able to provide the best possible service to the Navy, and the job was completed on time without any incidents or safety issues.

The project included services such as tandem ocean-towing of two barges, mobilization of temporary moorings, fendering, and vessel support in ports in Guatemala and El Salvador. Curtin Maritime also provided demobilization of all assets from Central America back to the Port of San Diego, California. In all, the job was sixty-two days long spread across forty-five hundred miles, and was successfully performed without incident.

This job provided an example of the efficiency Curtin Maritime can provide; although PTS and Curtin Maritime compete in the same market, our competition understands that we provide incredible service at an affordable price.

Key Areas / Services

  • +Mobilization of temporary moorings
  • +Tandem ocean-towing of two barges
  • +Vessel support in ports in Guatemala and El Salvador
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