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Ocean Towing

Whether it’s a derrick barge that needs to get from San Francisco to Seattle or an over-sized production module from Houston to the North Slope, Curtin Maritme’s barges provide the foundation for effective ocean transportation solutions.

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Marine Construction and Dredging

We have all the necessary equipment, including crane barges, anchor systems, hydraulic packs, and generators. If you need us to mobilize your equipment or you want to charter ours, Curtin Maritime will get the job done.

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Heavy Lift & Project Cargo

We offer services to fulfill project cargo, heavy-lift, and module transportation requirements as they are needed. Curtin Maritime can mobilize your equipment or you can charter ours.

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Barge Charters

Curtin Maritime has a fleet of barges available for time or bare-boat charter. Our company has been providing barges for customer needs ranging anywhere from heavy lift and project cargoes to marine construction support.

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Harbor & Assist Towing

We provide harbor and assist towing in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Whether it is escorting a tank barge or heavy lift construction support, we will shift and assist your barges in the most efficient and safe way possible.

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We stock large floating tow lines for vessel beach salvage, and we can mobilize on short notice. Whether you’ve got a disabled vessel offshore or a vessel run aground, Curtin Maritime can provide solutions to all your salvage needs.

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