Marine Construction and Dredging

Our staff is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be underway on very short notice. We also have service area that ranges from Seattle to South America...


Marine Construction and Dredging


Another service Curtin Maritime offers to our customers is marine construction and dredging support.

Curtin Maritime provides tug and barge service for inland or offshore dredge spoil dumping.

We have all the necessary equipment, including crane barges, anchor systems, hydraulic packs, and generators. If you need us to mobilize your equipment or you want to charter ours, Curtin Maritime will get the job done, working quickly and cost effectively.

With the advanced deck gear and state-of-the-art Rapp Hydema tow winch on our tugboat, Sarah C, your turn around time for dumping scows and shifting barges will be done safely and quickly. Our crew is experienced and professional and always has your bottom line and safety in mind.

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