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Curtin Maritime is an American-owned and operated marine solutions company, committed to innovation, efficiency, and integrity across every element of maritime operations.


About Us

Each piece of equipment in our fleet is constructed to support the diversity of our operations can be routinely modified to meet project needs.

Curtin Maritime was founded in 1997 by Captain Martin Curtin, who was-and remains-a tugboat operator by trade. With his innate tenacity and a passion for the work itself, he set out to design and build a distinguished fleet operated by skilled crews and supported by a high-performing team onshore. Over time, those aspirations became reality. In the last twenty years, systematic innovation and an emphasis on versatile design has provided for continuous growth, with more expansion always on the horizon.

Since the Company was established, Leadership has placed a heavy emphasis on adhering to Our 3 Pillars: Efficiency, Innovation, and Integrity. For Curtin Maritime, these core values are the framework for safe performance and operational excellence; proof of them is evident in our people and our fleet.

Efficiency+Innovation+Integrity= Safety

Our Core Values

Curtin Maritime places the highest priority on employee safety, security, customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship – at sea and ashore.


By constantly refining our process, we streamline operations for maximum efficiency and the lowest exposure to risk for our crews, vessels, and customers.


By doing the right thing no matter what the cost and taking ownership of our choices, we never have to compromise the safety of our crews, customers, and vessels.


By identifying the correct problems to be solved and looking beyond the horizon for solutions, we avoid uttering the most dangerous phrase. “We’ve always done it that way.”

Our Shipyard

Curtin Maritime’s facility is conveniently located in the Port of Long Beach on Pier T.

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