Heavy-Lift Project Cargo

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Heavy-Lift Project Cargo

Curtin Maritime has the crew, the equipment, and the expertise to provide efficient and innovative heavy-lift project cargo solutions for any and all of our customer’s needs.

We offer services to fulfill project cargo, heavy-lift, and module transportation requirements as they are needed.

Curtin Maritime can mobilize your equipment or you can charter ours; either way, we can get you on your job while working quickly and cost-effectively. With our advanced deck gear and state-of-the-art Rapp Hydema tow winch on our tugboat, Sarah C, your turnaround time for dumping scows and shifting barges will be fast and safe. Our crew is experienced and professional, with your bottom line and safety serving as our top priority.

We have a wide array of marine transportation services and offer ocean towing services up and down the California coast and beyond. Our shipyard is based in Long Beach, Ca in the Port of Long Beach. We offer ocean towing services in the Port of San Diego, Port of San Francisco, Port of Long Beach, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Oakland, Port of Stockton, Port of Seattle and more.

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