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Shipyard Services

From design to construction, Curtin Maritime has always been committed to integrating state-of-the-art vessels and equipment into our own fleet.

The imagination and ingenuity of our design and build team never cease to amaze. New builds, retrofits, or modernizations. From inception to integration, whether it’s boat, barge or crane, Curtin Maritimes’ commitment to quality and efficient design will bring to life the high performing vessel to fit your needs.

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Design and Engineering Support

As a full-service solution provider, Curtin Maritime can provide you with engineering and design support to take your project from concept development to completion. These collaborative efforts increase efficiency and minimize construction costs.

Vessel Conversion and Construction

Our history of converting vessels includes derrick barges, dump scows, ro-ro barges, tugboats, and landing crafts. Our engineering team’s innovation is evident throughout the design and construction process; it is even more apparent in the end-product. Conversions are planned and executed with safe and efficient operations in mind to ensure future operating costs are minimized.

Additionally, our performance record includes new vessel construction. From laying the keel to sea trials, we have an extremely adept fabrication team and a broad network of vendors we work with to create an outstanding product.

Repair & Maintenance

As part of our Vessel Management System, Curtin Maritime performs repair and maintenance of our diverse fleet. Our team can assist you with diagnosis, create a corrective action plan, and provide a valuable resolution.

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Curtin Maritime’s facility is conveniently located in the Port of Long Beach on Pier T.

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