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Marine Construction

Our marine construction services bring a strategic approach to meet the requisites of customers in both public and private sectors.

Our operations are supported by a capable fleet of assets encompassed of not only tugs and barges, but also inclusive of associated auxiliary equipment: anchor systems, hydraulic packs, generators, etc. Easy accessibility to equipment offers us an advantage to mobilize quickly; it also provides more opportunities to swiftly contrive more efficient solutions in the field.

As a service provider, our objective is to improve the management of schedules and budgets via results-driven self-performance. Our experienced, knowledgeable crew work safely and efficiently to provide high-quality services to our customers.

We offer a wide array of marine construction services and will travel up the California coast and beyond. Our shipyard is based in Long Beach, Ca in the Port of Long Beach. We offer marine construction in the Port of San Diego, Port of San Francisco, Port of Long Beach, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Oakland, Port of Stockton, Port of Seattle, Washington and more. Take a look at our work and see some of the projects we have done.

Marine Construction Expertise:

• Oil & Gas
• Dredging
• Salvage
• Breakwaters
• Wharves & Docks

• Marinas
• Mooring Systems
• Marine Support

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