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Our Work

We are an American owned marine solutions company providing a range of quality maritime services for each phase of a project, from design to execution.  Our marine fleet is on call and ready to assist 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Ocean Towing Hawaii – Pearl Harbor Hawaii to Guam USS St. Louis

Curtin Maritime provided ocean towing from Hawaii for the Ex. USS St. Louis from Pearl Harbor to a position off of Guam. The tow was the key component to a SINKEX exercise that the United States Military was conducting in the vicinity of Guam, where the ship would be used as target practice and sunk by other US military assets.


Design-Build Vessel Conversion & Fabrication – Tugboat Sarah C

Curtin Maritime purchased the 65’ tugboat Peril Strait from Cambell Towing in 2007, a single screw logging support tug operating in Alaska. After the inspection and survey of several tugboats for sale, Curtin Maritime was able to recognize that this hull type was perfectly suited for the Combi Tug conversion Curtin Maritime had designed.