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Puget Sound, Washington to Port of Los Angeles, California

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Al Larson Boat Shop Barge Towing

As a regular customer of Curtin Maritime, Al Larson Boat Shop can testify to the innovation, integrity, and efficiency that Curtin Maritime offers.

Project Facts
Barge Demobilization
Ocean Towing
 Short Notice
 Twenty-four hundred mile round trip

For this barge towing job specifically, Al Larson Boat Shop called Curtin Maritime on short notice to have a small U.S. Navy barge towed from Puget Sound, Washington to Los Angeles, California. Al Larson required that Curtin Maritime get underway on the twenty-four hundred mile round trip within twelve hours of their call. Curtin Maritime crewed, stored, and fueled the vessels and was able to get underway with time to spare.

Curtin Maritime can offer the flexibility that larger companies cannot, but can still perform barge towing at the highest level.


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