NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mooring Repair and Maintenance

Monterey, CA

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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mooring Repair & Maintenance

Project Facts

Client: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Subcontractors (if any): not applicable
Period of Performance: May 2023

Key Project Assets: Rebekah C
Location: Offshore – Monterey, CA


In May 2023, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory chartered Curtin’s DP-1 offshore support vessel, the Rebekah C, to support the offshore repair and maintenance of three deep water moorings approximately 300km west of Monterey, California. Technicians from NASA’s partner, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), joined the voyage in support of the mission. The buoys were lifted out of the water utilizing Rebekah C’s 7-ton knuckle boom crane, allowing for easy and safe access to replace profilers attached to the mooring line. Post-project, the client reported that “By all accounts, everything went well. The instruments that were serviced are operating nominally, and the entire array is now returning high-quality data.”


Monterey, CA.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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