Beta Offshore Power Cable Installation

Platform Edith to Platform Elly off the coast of Long Beach, California.

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Beta Offshore Power Cable Installation

Over a year in the making. CMC worked in coordination with L-3 MariPro, a company who specializes in providing Undersea Sensor Networks and spread spectrum through water communication solutions, to install a power cable from Platform Edith to Platform Elly off the coast of Long Beach, California.

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 Platform Edith & Platform Elly

Over the course of eighteen months, we worked closely with L-3 to design and schedule this job so that it was completed at the highest and safest level of efficiency possible. The end result proved that this kind of cohesive teamwork, concise planning can only lead to a successfully accomplished mission! As a company, CMC is very proud of this job not only for the incredible technical skill it took to perform, but also because of the tremendous amount of coordination and cooperation from both parties it involved. We believe in working together with our customers to encourage innovation and achieve success, and this job definitely exemplifies that cooperation.

For our part, Curtin Maritime Corp. provided our Barge 185-3 and our Tug Sarah C, as well as our crew, on a time charter basis to L-3 MariPro. The job was mobilized in our yard in Long Beach and involved quite a bit of equipment and personnel, and still went off without a hitch. CMC and L-3 MariPro worked together to ensure that the job was performed safely and skillfully and both parties were happy with the outcome.


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