Port of Richmond Inner Harbor Maintenance Dredging

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Port of Richmond Inner Harbor Maintenance Dredging

Dredging of 185,000 CY from the Port of Richmond’s Inner Harbor with 100% beneficial reuse of all dredged sediments.

Project Facts
Key Attributes/Equipment/Skill of Curtin Maritime that lead to successful contract completion.
Coordinated multiple size’s and types of tug boats and material barges through tidal-navigationally restricted channels for offload of sediments at Cullinan Ranch.
Managed site preparatory work and sediment management at the Cullinan Offload site as a function of performing the dredging in Richmond.
 Worked closely with Ducks Unlimited, CA State Water Board, and CA Fish & Wildlife to ensure endangered species of field mice on the slough banks were protected, as well as native fish in the slough from intake pump entrainment through the use of cutting-edge fish screens.

Our dredge fleet closed out 2017 on a high note, performing a harbor maintenance dredging on 371,000 yards of material from the Richmond Inner Harbor Channel in 7 weeks. Another testament to Curtin’s success by proper planning, our crew, and equipment performed at the highest level to make this Curtin Maritime’s largest dredge project to date.

US Army Corps of Engineer’s Contract Evaluation Snippet’s:

MANAGEMENT: Contractor personnel were available as required and cooperated exceptionally well. Contractor furnished appropriate equipment and crew size to complete the project. Contractor innovated use of Cullinan Ranch as a Contractor supplied disposal site was exceptional. This project was a significant win for the Government.

ADDITIONAL/OTHER: An outstanding job. Achieved required project depth through dredging on the site on time and within budget. In addition to providing the depth needed in the harbor, we offered beneficial upland placement to Cullinan Ranch site. The use of Cullinan Ranch was a first. Bravo Zulu!


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US Army Corps of Engineer’s (USACE)


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