Speranza Marie Salvage

Santa Cruz Island, CA


Speranza Marie Salvage

Project Facts

Vessels: DB Salta Verde, Seana C
Partner: Global Diving & Salvage

Type: Salvage
Location: Santa Cruz Islands, CA.
Performed: December 2022


On December 15th, 2022, The Speranza Marie (a 60 ft. fishing vessel) ran aground on Santa Cruz Island shoreline. Curtin was chartered by Global Diving and Salvage, who was working with the vessel’s owner and a unified command of responding agencies led by the US Coast Guard. The Kelly C initially towed the shoreline wreckage to deeper water to be anchored in preparation for an incoming storm swell and proper salvage following the weather. Active recovery and mitigation of debris were ongoing by Global and other contractors until the major storm swells subsided. The DB Salta Verde and Seana C then pulled the major remaining hull section from shore and placed it on deck to transported it to recycling for proper disposal.


Santa Cruz Island, CA.

Global Diving & Salvage


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