AIS Construction Support in Morro Bay

AIS Construction, Morrow Bay


The Scope

Curtin Maritime was contracted to support AIS construction in their contract to dredge Morro Bay. Our vessels were there from start to finish, including during the ocean towing of the cutter head suction dredge La Encina and dipper dredge Myrtle for mobilization and demobilization, as well as for the ocean dumping of dredge spoils.

Morro Bay presents some very difficult conditions for towing and dredging. The currents rip through Morro Bay and the bar channel at over four knots. The Morro Bay bar channel is treacherous and unpredictable, at best. Additionally, the water depth and channel widths are minimal.

Curtin Maritime dumped over four hundred barges in just under three months for a total of 818 bar crossings in November, December, January, and February of an El Nino winter. With our Rapp Hydema winch, featuring rend and recover and open stance fairlead to accommodate a full shot of 2″ surge chain to one and a half inch Plasma Bridles, Curtin Maritime could continue to tow across the bar in unfavorable conditions and maintain the shortest make and break times for the fastest turnarounds possible.

This is a prime example of Curtin Maritime providing the very best equipment and crew for a job whose location and environment requires the highest level of performance and reliability.

Key Areas / Services

  • +Dredging
  • +Ocean Construction
  • +Ocean Dumping
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