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Curtin Maritime, Corp. is committed to promoting a culture of safety within our company and providing safe working conditions to both our customers and employees. The safety of all persons, no matter who they are, is a top priority of the Company, and we are deeply invested in protecting the people and equipment we work with.

We believe that all accidents are preventable; by establishing rules and safe working procedures, exercising good judgment, and using common sense. All Curtin Maritime employees have the opportunity and responsibility to protect themselves and contribute to the protection of their fellow crewmembers, environment, and equipment for which they are responsible.

The principles of Curtin Maritime’s safety program are based on our membership in The American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program. This program is designed as a framework for continuously improving the industry’s safety performance, and as a company, Curtin Maritime is one hundred percent committed to supporting this goal and contributing to it as best we can.

In addition to our own safety programs, we aim to comply with those of our customers. For example, Curtin Maritime has maintained an “A” rating in Chevron’s CHESM —Contractor Health and Safety Management process. The CHESM process establishes clear accountabilities, ensures active engagement of contractors and provides a consistent program to eliminate health, environment, and safety (HES) incidents and injuries among contractors. As a contractor for Chevron, we value our excellent rating in the CHESM program, and work diligently to keep that status, year after year.

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