Phoenix International Sub Rescue

Phoenix International


The Scope

In February of 2013, Curtin Maritime was called on to assist in the recovery of the Submarine Rescue System during a Naval training exercise off the coast of Catalina. An equipment failure caused the rescue sub to miss the position on the cradle when being landed aboard the support vessel. Curtin Maritime was called to mobilize its derrick barge the 185-3 on short notice to speed to the scene and assist with the getting the sub lifted off the deck and loaded on the 185-3 for transport back to the POLB. Curtin Maritime set up trucking for the sub to be transported back to its home base in San Diego. From getting the phone call and mobilizing to returning to the beach and getting the sub loaded on a truck and shipped out was 7 hours. Another example of Curtin Maritimes ability to act fast and provide logistical support for all aspects of your offshore projects.

Key Areas / Services

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