U.S. Boat Owners Assc. Salvage Project

U.S. Boat Owners Association


The Scope

In June of 2012, Curtin Maritime Corp. was approached to perform a salvage job for the U.S. Boat Owners Association off the coast of Malibu, California. Salvage work is not our most commonly known service, but it is one we have the crew, vessels, and equipment for, ready for mobilization in short order. Curtin Maritime needed to lift the vessel off of the ocean floor after it was damaged by a fire and sunk. Our derrick barge, the 185-3, equipped with a 4000W Manitowoc crane, performed the lift and the vessel was brought back to our Long Beach yard for inspection. Ultimately, it was decided the vessel was beyond reparable condition and the demolition of the vessel you will see in the photos below occurred later that day. As a courtesy to our customer, CMC helped to arrange for a crew to come in and safely dispose of the vessel.

Please check out the photos, and don’t hesitate to Contact Us for any of your salvage needs.

Key Areas / Services

  • +Derrick Barge
  • +Ocean Salvage
  • +Ocean Towing
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