Check out this American 250 anchor winch! We found this winch after it had been stashed in a desert and unused for several years. Our shipyard crew and tugboat engineers stripped down every single component of it, repowered her with a tier 3 John Deere diesel, and rebuilt it from the ground up. She lives on the DB Salta Verde and allows us to work in 4-point anchor spreads with the capacity and power to support our operations.

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Jacobsen Pilot Tower Removal

In 1949, the Port of Long Beach gave this old oil derrick to Captain Jacob Jacobsen to use as a radar tower. This was the first private, shore-side radar in the United States! At the time, radar was new technology. The oil derrick is estimated to be built before 1910! Because the tower doesn't meet earthquake engineering standards, in 2022 JPS decided to replace the tower. (Video courtesy of the Port of Long Beach)