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Becker #1 Re-Abandonment Project 2018 InterAct PMTI

The Becker #1 well, located on Summerland Beach in Santa Barbara County, first made history in the 1890’s when it was one of the first offshore wells drilled in the U.S. and is once again making history as one of the first of these vintage offshore wells to be permanently abandoned.

The Becker well is notorious to local beach-goers as it has been the source of visible oil seepage for years. Approximate 60 shore side wells in the area have been successfully re-abandoned but no wells in the surf zone and beyond, that are known to be leaking, have been successfully re-abandoned before now. Although the Summerland offshore wells are considered shallow (between 300’ and 500’), and would be simple and relatively inexpensive to re-abandon in an onshore environment, the dynamic location of the Becker well – directly in the surf zone and subject to tides and wave action –greatly complicates the re-abandonment process and significantly drives up the overall cost.

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