DB Avalon

Largest Clamshell Dredge in North America • Lowest Carbon Footprint

DB Avalon is a market-first, hybrid-powered dredge vessel designed and built by Curtin Maritime to be the highest capacity, with the lowest carbon footprint clamshell dredge of its class.


About DB Avalon

Designed with a fully automated dredging system. Capable of an all-electric operation, with shore-power connection making it a true zero-emissions dredge.

Its system boasts a state-of-the-art hybrid power supply system utilizing a set of massive lithium-ion battery banks, allowing for usage of generators 30% smaller than those found in conventional dredges. The system is configured to optimize charge/discharge balance by harnessing regenerative power while lowering or decelerating the bucket, then uses power from the batteries and generators to hoist. It also possesses the ability to connect to shore-power, where available, enabling a fully electric, zero-emissions operation.

Its combination of the largest clamshell buckets ever built in the U.S. not only allows for faster dredging, but also the ability to dredge materials not possible by clamshell rigs without pre-treating (e.g. cutterhead rig, blasting). Fully automatic operation of these purpose-built buckets result in the most accurate dredging available in the world. This level of precise digging greatly minimizes turbidity pollution and the necessity to clean-up dig, completing depth targets faster and further reducing carbon footprint of any project.

Safety. Efficiency. Integrity.

EPA Tier 4

The DB Avalon employs the latest hybrid technology, combined with the most energy-efficient Tier 4 generators in the market

Though a first of its kind in the North American market, this ground-breaking system is tried and true around the world winning awards in its innovation to leverage technology to not only outperform virtually all clamshell dredge vessels, but a fraction of fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

Ultimately, all these features make the DB Avalon the most cost-effective, most accurate, and highest capacity dredge vessel with the lowest carbon footprint in all of the Americas.

Derrick Barge :250’ x 77’ x 15’

DB Avalon

Because of the hybrid power source, it allows the usage of generators two-thirds the size of a conventional dredge vessel, further reducing CO2 emissions by 30% less than the highest tier rated generator available.

The two QSK60 generators manufactured by Cummins uses a proven Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCT) technology with a flow-through exhaust after-treatment system, using diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), to deliver ultra-low emissions.

The four banks of 20 battery modules each, are controlled by state-of-the-art software. It optimizes charge and discharge cycles by harnessing regenerative power from normal digging operations and re-charging the batteries, further reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The hybrid system designed and built by Sumimoto Heavy Industries received the Infrastructure Technology Development Award for its breakthrough innovation in increasing performance, while drastically reducing carbon footprint in the Asian market.

General Information

Owner: Curtin Maritime, Corp.
Design & Construction: Curtin Maritime
Crane & Hybrid System: IHI AMTEC,
Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Barge: Conrad DeepWater South

Year Built: 2022
• ABS Load Lines, Manned, Oceans

Particulars: 250’ x 77’ x 15’
Fuel: 58,145 gl. (98%)
Water: 35,770 gl. (100%)
Gross Tonnage: 2412
Holding Tank: 35,060 gl. (98%)
DEF Capacity: 4,925 gl. (98%)

Max. Hoisting Load: 242,000 lbs. (110 MT)
Radius: 66.9 ft. (@ 55 ° boom angle)
Boom Length: 93.5 ft.
Fixed Spuds: (2)x 109 ft./85k lbs./ 4.6’
Walking Spuds: (2)x 130 ft./130k lbs/4.6’x4.6’

(2) x Cummins QSK60 ( EPA Tier 4 )
Hybrid System:
Designed by Sumimoto Heavy Industries
Powered by Lithium-Ion Batteries
Energy Regeneration System


• EPA Tier 4
• Fully electric plug-in, zero-emissions capability
• Fully automated dredging software by Sumitomo
• 18 Berths / 10 Heads
• Air-conditioned accommodations
• Full galley

• Infrastructure Technology Development Award
Japan Institute of Engineering
Coastal Development Institute of Technology

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