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Leaking oil well from the 1900’s getting a long-awaited new cap in Summerland.

SUMMERLAND, Calif. – The capping has begun on the Summerland coast where the Becker well has been leaking for years. It’s a $1.5 million project.

Years ago when the aging well was leaking in the near shore waters, there was community outrage. Getting it fixed was not easy and funding was never found.

Executive Director Hillary Hauser with Heal the Ocean, a local non-profit, stood at the fence line on Lookout Park and said loudly, “it’s fabulous, we’ve been waiting for it for 100 years.”

The wells in this date back to the 1900’s when offshore and onshore drilling first began in this area. Not all of the wells have handled the test of time after the oil companies left the area.

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