Navigate Your Passions at Curtin Maritime

Navigate Your Passions

Curtin Maritime is an American-owned, family-run business that provides diverse maritime career opportunities and training with competitive benefits.


A Family-Owned Maritime Company

Martin Curtin, CEO of Curtin Maritime, spent his entire life on the ocean. After graduating high school he started working on deck, working his way up the wheelhouse through the engine room. In 1997, Martin built his first tugboat to enter into the West Coast market and started Curtin Maritime. He is currently one of the few captain owners in the industry. 

“This industry is extremely special to me,” says Martin. “The ocean is a great proving ground, and it’s always been a place where I could excel.”

With his innate tenacity and a passion for the work itself, Martin set out to design and build a distinguished fleet operated by skilled, trained crews and supported by a high-performing team onshore. 

“We specialize in a wide array of maritime services offered globally including: Marine TransportationMarine Construction, and Dredging

Maritime Career and Training Opportunities

At Curtin Maritime, we develop career pathways that are not only accelerated and challenging but provide individuals an opportunity to advance their skills and talents.

In addition to a plethora of benefits the maritime industry offers (like competitive wages, comprehensive insurance options, free meals, paid travel and job stability) the Curtin Maritime Accelerator Program (CMAP) provides on-the-job training with a hands-on, personalized approach that guides our team to navigate their passions, both on and off the job. 

CMAP provides employees with an opportunity to build both foundational and advanced skills necessary to become highly-trained maritime professionals who can pursue career opportunities for skilled tradespeople including: deckhands, welders, engineers, mates, crane operators, and Captains. 

The maritime lifestyle allows for flexible work arrangements, such as a month-on, month-off schedule to spend time at home with family and pursue other hobbies.

Myron Anthony joined Curtin Maritime in 2022 without any relevant work experience. One of the first employees to complete CMAP, he graduated to the role of deckhand, obtained his AB license, and plans to become a Tug Boat Captain at Curtin Maritime. In Myron’s words, “The maritime industry is not something you can just jump in, it’s something you have to be developed into and Curtin Maritime has the perfect system for that.”

The training provided through CMAP allows our employees to pursue various offshore career opportunities including roles within marine construction, marine transportation, dredging, offshore tows, and other highly specialized work in the marine industry. 

We haven’t only mastered maritime training. We place the highest priority on employee safety, security, customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship – at sea and ashore. Our focus on safety goes beyond policies and compliance; with the Curtin Maritime Safety Management System we are committed to promoting a safety culture for all employees and partners.

Innovation at Our Core

With innovation, integrity, and efficiency at the core of our business and the framework for safe performance and operational excellence, we’re always looking to the future which is why we built the DB Avalon. Our hybrid-powered dredge vessel is the highest capacity, lowest carbon footprint clamshell dredge of its class. It has been designed with a fully automated dredging system and is capable of an all-electric operation, with shore-power connection, making it a true zero-emissions dredge.

Curtin Maritime currently employs more than 325 employees and has a diverse fleet of tugs, floating cranes, barges, and specialty vessels.    

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