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Lima 2400B Crane Rebuild – Port of Long Beach, Ca.

Crane Design Conversion + Fabrication

Crane Design Conversion & Fabrication – Lima 2400B

In 2009, Curtin Maritime embarked on a transformative project, rescuing a crane from the depths of a Florida sand quarry and transporting it to Long Beach, CA on thirteen trucks.

Project Facts
The rebuild was completed in 4 months
New custom house
New machinery including a Caterpillar C18 ACERT and all new systems
New cab with electronic over air controls
Sheet metal house was replaced with a fabricated steel house
All the work was done in-house by Curtin Maritime
Every inch of the crane was disassembled, sandblasted and painted
All new turning components including bushings, bearings, swing circle house rollers, hook rollers, and stump.

The ensuing endeavor involved a comprehensive rebuild that left no detail untouched. The crane underwent a meticulous process: each component was disassembled, subjected to thorough sandblasting and painting, and then meticulously reassembled. Every turning element, from bushings and bearings to swing circle house rollers, hook rollers, and stump, was replaced with brand-new counterparts.

Our choice to acquire and breathe new life into the Lima 2400 crane was strategic, leveraging its robust and proven reliability, coupled with modern technology integration, resulting in an unparalleled digging machine within its class. The entire rebuild spanned a mere four months, a testament to our efficiency and dedication to excellence. A key facet of the project was the construction of a new custom house which included state-of-the-art machinery, including a Caterpillar C1 8 ACERT engine and all-new systems. To enhance operational comfort for our Leverman, we introduced electronic over-air controls in a new cab, alleviating the challenges of continuous operation. Recognizing the demands of the marine environment, we replaced the original sheet metal house with a meticulously fabricated steel structure. This not only enhanced durability but also contributed to a quieter working environment for the crews operating around it.The entirety of this complex and transformative project was executed in-house by the skilled team at Curtin Maritime, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation.

Lima 2400B Crane Rebuild Curtin Maritime

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