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Maritime News

Port for LA Galaxy Capsule Commercial shot on Curtin Maritime Barges.

Curtin Maritime was excited to work with the LA Galaxy and the clothing brand Port on the Capsule Collection lookbook shot in the Port of Long Beach. The Lookbook for the Capsule Collection was shot on a Curtin Maritime barge being pushed through the Long Beach and Los Angeles shipping channels.

Big dredge underway in Mission Bay

This is the most extensive San Diego bay dredging project since the late 1940's.

Leaking oil well from the 1900’s getting a long awaited new cap in Summerland

Leaking oil well from the 1900’s getting a long-awaited new cap in Summerland. The capping has begun on the Summerland coast where the Becker well has been leaking for years. It’s a $1.5 million project.

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