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LCM8 Re-Power and Conversion

Curtin Maritime was awarded the contract for the Design Build project in 2013 that included the design and fabrication of a new upper and lower house, Tier rated engines and generators plus a hydraulic system with a hydro crane and four point mooring system.

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Palmyra Atoll Project - Curtin Maritime
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Palmyra Atoll Salvage Project

In early 2013, Curtin Maritime was approached by Global Diving and Salvage  to create an executable plan for a shipwreck removal project at the remote locations of Palmyra Atoll and Kingman Reef, approximately 1000 miles due south of Hawaii. The client was the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the project is part of a study and restoration effort that is removing wrecks from coral reefs to restore the ecosystem to its natural state.  A study of the main wreck site, a 120’ steel fishing vessel showed that the decomposition of the steel was having adverse effects on the reef. The decomposition of the wreck was enriching the sea water with iron causing a specific species of coral, corallimorph, to flourish and dominate the reef. This is a condition known as black reef, due to corallimorphs dark coloration, and it can completely cover an area and suffocate the other coral species, eventually destroying the reef itself. It was tasked to Curtin Maritime and Global Diving to remove the wrecks and rescue the reefs.
Due to the extremely remote locations, the complexity of the logistics and the need for custom built specialty equipment, this project suited Curtin Maritime’s strengths perfectly. Over a period of almost ten months, Curtin Maritime worked closely with Global Diving and U.S. Fish and Wildlife to craft a multi-staged proposal for removal of the wrecks at Palmyra Atoll and Kingman Reef. Palmyra is one of the most remote places on earth and is home to some of the most diverse marine life on the planet. The sheer isolation of Palmyra made just getting there a project in itself with an initial 2500 mile voyage to Hawaii and then the final 1000 mile leg due south to Palmyra. The transit time was measured in weeks, not days and brutal winter conditions made for tense moments with extreme storms coming out of the north pacific. Curtin crew left our home dock on Sept 17th 2013, and after a 2 week layover in Honolulu Hawaii, arrived in Palmyra on October 29th.

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Beta Deep Water Mooring Overhaul

In September of 2013, Curtin Maritime mobilized to service the deep water moorings at platforms Ellen and Eureka. Both oil platforms, operated by Beta Offshore, were due for replacement of under buoy gear and the buoys were also replaced…

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  • +700' Depth of water
  • +Buoys
  • +Deep water moorings
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Phoenix International Sub Rescue

In February of 2013, Curtin Maritime was called on to assist in the recovery of the Submarine Rescue System during a Naval training exercise off the coast of Catalina. An equipment failure caused the rescue sub to miss the position on the cradle when being landed aboard the support vessel. Curtin Maritime was called to mobilize its derrick barge the 185-3 on short notice to speed to the scene and assist with the getting the sub lifted off the deck and loaded on the 185-3 for transport back to the POLB. Curtin Maritime set up trucking for the sub to be transported back to its home base in San Diego. From getting the phone call and mobilizing to returning to the beach and getting the sub loaded on a truck and shipped out was 7 hours. Another example of Curtin Maritimes ability to act fast and provide logistical support for all aspects of your offshore projects.

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Phoenix Target Deployment and Recovery

Phoenix International, a government contractor who operates the Submarine Rescue Program for the Navy, originally contacted Curtin Maritime in 2011 to execute the subsea recovery of the rescue submarine training target. The target, called the False Seat, is a metal frame work with two landing pads weighing 40,000 lbs. and is typically deployed in about 500′ of water off the coast of Catalina Island for annual training exercises. Phoenix was looking for a safer and more cost effective way to do the recovery, and after examining the target and conditions, Curtin Maritime fabricated a custom retrieval device that eliminated the need for ROV or diving work. Curtin Maritime has had a succesfel retrieval on both his made for a much safer and faster recovery process while providing a significant cost savings to Phoenix and the Navy.

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SSSK Target Project

In May of 2013, Curtin Maritime mobilized for a joint exercise with the Navy’s Sup Salvage Division, Undersea Warfare Division and Titan Salvage of the coast of San Clemente Island.  The mission was the deployment of undersea targets for torpedo testing. Both Navy and Titan Salvage equipment was trucked to the Curtin Maritime facility in Long Beach CA for the assembly of the target structures prior to being loaded on the barge. The target structures are 100’ long steel open frames, and are suspended 15’ below the surface when deployed by float bags. After deployment, ships or helicopters then perform target practice maneuvers after which the targets are recovered. New to the operation this time was the use of a near bottom target that was both suspended by float bags and held to the sea floor with an anchor system. This allowed the target to hover over the bottom in roughly 300’ of water. Curtin Maritime’s in-house team was able to help with the design and engineering of the anchor system to meet the Navy specifications as well as fabricate it in our yard. Our deck barge 185-3 and tug Sarah C operated offshore for 7 days during the operation.

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Beta Offshore Power Cable Installation

In September of 2012, Curtin Maritime Corp. performed a job over a year in the making. CMC worked in coordination with L-3 MariPro, a company who specializes in providing Undersea Sensor Networks and spread spectrum through water communication solutions, to install a power cable from Platform Edith to Platform Elly off the coast of Long Beach, California.

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  • +Project Planning
  • +Subsea Opertations Support
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PCCI- San Clemente and San Nicholas Fuel Mooring Overhauls

For this job, Curtin Maritime Corp. worked with PCCII Inc. to perform the San Clemente and San Nicholas Island Fuel Terminal Maintenance for the U.S. Navy, which was a project CMC was thrilled to be a part of.

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  • +Military Sector
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Al Larson Boat Shop – Barge Towing

As a regular customer of Curtin Maritime, Al Larson Boat Shop can testify to the innovation, integrity, and efficiency that Curtin Maritime offers.

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  • +Ocean Towing
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US Navy Support Services in Central America

When Pacific Tugboat Services secured a contract for a large scale job with the U.S. Navy in Central America, Curtin Maritime approached PTS to offer our support. Upon submission of our proposal, PTS decided to contract Curtin Maritime to provide the tugboat portion of the job. Curtin Maritime deployed our tugboat, Sarah C, and a full crew to Central American to work with PTS personnel and vessels.

  • +Mobilization of temporary moorings
  • +Tandem ocean-towing of two barges
  • +Vessel support in ports in Guatemala and El Salvador
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Ocean Towing & Yacht Towing – Port of San Diego California

Curtin Maritime prides ourselves on being a diverse company with the ability to perform any task our customers ask us to do. As an example, our maritime services extend beyond tug and barge operations to include yacht towing. We provide Ocean towing for vessels of any size, large or small. One of our recent projects was the ocean towing of the Halcyon, a 120-foot yacht hailing from Port Angles, Washington. Curtin Maritime was responsible for towing the Halcyon from its home port in Washington State to the Port of San Diego, California.

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  • +Turn key yacht towing solution
  • +U.S. Coast Guard permits for the trip
  • +We provide all rigging - emergency pumps - high bilge alarms
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Aqueos / Curtin Maritime Deep Water Mooring – Platform Heritage

For this job, Curtin Maritime was approached by Aqueos to assist in supporting their customer, Exxon Mobile in getting a deep water mooring system in place. Curtin Maritime worked side by side with the crews from Aqueos and Fugro Survey to deploy and retrieve the anchor system in twelve hundred feet of water at Platform Heritage. The temp mooring was needed to support dive platform operations for some repairs being done to platform Heritage. Setting an anchor system of this size in 1200’ of water is no easy task, but the custom Rapp Hydema winch onboard the Sarah C was specifically designed to handle huge loads and preform this type of work.

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  • +Deep Water Anchor Retrieval
  • +Deep Water Mooring
  • +Platform Heritage
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Traylor Pacific

This job is a great example of how simple and enjoyable it can be to work with Curtin Maritime. Upon completion of a contract in San Diego, California, Traylor Pacific needed their barges demobilized and brought back to the Port of Los Angeles. Traylor put in one call to Curtin Maritime and the Sarah C was sent straight to San Diego. In two days’ time, Curtin Maritime successfully demobilized two derrick barges, two deck barges, and one anchor scow from San Diego and towed them back to Long Beach, California. The project was completed on-time, on-budget, and met all of the goals of our customer.

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  • +Barge Demobilization
  • +Ocean Towing
  • +On Time - On Budget
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Dutra Groups Derrick barge No. 24

This job is a great example of the flexibility of Curtin Maritime. While our tug the Sarah C was underway heading north with a barge for another customer, the Dutra Group contacted Curtin Maritime to perform a mobilization of Derrick Barge No.24 from Alameda, California, back to the Port of Los Angeles, California.

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  • +Barge mobilization
  • +Economical lump sum rate
  • +Issue of insurance certifications
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Brittan Industries dredging of Army Corp. Docks in Sausalito, Ca.

Curtin Maritime prides ourselves on the ability to be flexible for our customers, and this job with Brittan Industries is a great example of that. Brittan Industries requested Curtin Maritime to provide ocean towing services to support Brittan during their contract to dredge the Army Corps docks in Sausalito, California.

  • +Dredging
  • +Ocean Towing
  • +On Time - On Budget - Safety First
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Beecher’s Bay Pier Construction, Santa Rosa Island

Curtin Maritime approached American Civil Constructors to support their contract to demolish and construct a new pier at Beecher’s Bay on Santa Rosa Island. Curtin Maritime was there from the mobilization of all floating assets out of Stockton, California, to the demobilization off the coast of Santa Rosa Island. Curtin Maritime supported our customer, ACC, by providing ocean towing, anchor handling services, and a bareboat barge charter. For your construction needs, Curtin Maritime’s fleet of ABS certified barges are the best option when it comes to quality and affordability.

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  • +Marine Construction
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Ocean Towing Port Hueneme – Sea Born Targets

Curtin Maritime has provided ocean towing for Sea Born Targets out of Port Hueneme, California, for many years. Whether we are towing the MST target ship or one of the Harm Barges, we have always been able to provide superior service for a lower cost to a maritime customer that has very unique needs.

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  • +Port Hueneme
  • +Sea Born Targets
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AIS Construction Support in Morro Bay

Curtin Maritime was contracted to support AIS construction in their contract to dredge Morro Bay. Our vessels were there from start to finish, including during the ocean towing of the cutter head suction dredge La Encina and dipper dredge Myrtle for mobilization and demobilization, as well as for the ocean dumping of dredge spoils.

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  • +Dredging
  • +Ocean Construction
  • +Ocean Dumping
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U.S. Boat Owners Assc. Salvage Project

In June of 2012, Curtin Maritime Corp. was approached to perform a salvage job for the U.S. Boat Owners Association off the coast of Malibu, California. Salvage work is not our most commonly known service, but it is one we have the crew, vessels, and equipment for, ready for mobilization in short order. Curtin Maritime needed to lift the vessel off of the ocean floor after it was damaged by a fire and sunk. Our derrick barge, the 185-3, equipped with a 4000W Manitowoc crane, performed the lift and the vessel was brought back to our Long Beach yard for inspection. Ultimately, it was decided the vessel was beyond reparable condition and the demolition of the vessel you will see in the photos below occurred later that day. As a courtesy to our customer, CMC helped to arrange for a crew to come in and safely dispose of the vessel.

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